Event video

Event video at Deuil-la-Barre: quick and efficient production

Entrepreneurial life is punctuated by many activities and events which contribute to the development of society. The corporate video therefore appears to be the ideal tool to ensure the internal promotion of these events or facilitate their dissemination to the general public. As a specialist in audiovisual creation, at LMX Production , we design and produce your event videos in Deuil-la-Barre with professionalism.

Production of event videos

Event video is an effective tool to increase the impact, dissemination and reach of your corporate event. It can be carried out to promote the event to your employees or your customers. As such, a teaser lasting a few seconds is recommended to arouse the interest of the target audience. This approach allows you to highlight your event to increase the number of participants.

You can also make an event film to immortalize the activities and progress of your event. Our passionate and experienced videographers accompany you in this capacity to capture the atmosphere of the ceremony and to film the highlights throughout its unfolding. They also perform video interviews to get feedback from your collaborators and participants. Thus, the testimonies collected can be used as a voiceover during the editing of the video.

Companies based in Argenteuil, Courbevoie or Nanterre can contact us to benefit from an efficient and qualitative realization. We produce a short film with relevant content to summarize your entire event in pictures. In addition, we take into account your communication strategy to adapt the format of the film to the medium on which you wish to broadcast it.

Our audiovisual creation agency takes care of the production of all kinds of event videos. You can thus benefit from a contemplative film, a scripted video or a production interpreted according to your needs. From coordination to editing to music, all details are taken into account to offer you a satisfactory result. Besides, you can contact us to capture a professional event, seminar, trade fair, fashion show or festival.

To have your event video produced by a qualified audiovisual production agency, you can contact us at 06 58 67 05 26 .